Medical Journals

Drs. Kitta Kousa, Loey Kousa and Staff

The physicians and staff at K-Clinic are dedicated to caring for you and your family with compassion, kindness and state of the art healthcare based on the latest medical research and knowledge available.

We are located in Paintsville, KY within walking distance of Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center and only minutes away from Highlands Regional Medical Center, where the expertise of the hospital medical staff is provided in a convenient outpatient or inpatient setting – to bring you an exceptional variety of quality medical services that meet your health care needs in a convenient and accessible fashion.


This is a state of the art medical facility. Our offices are up to date and exceptionally equipped with only the highest quality equipment surpassing the standards required for physician practices. Our offices are equipped with the best in health information technology. We utilize a robust, powerful, redundant, fault tolerant, secure and dedicated data center. Our Electronic Medical Records are rated first in its class. The EMR applications we use provide the foundation and framework needed to deliver state of the art medical care that meets world standards.


The physicians at K-Clinic are actively on staff at two area Regional Medical Centers located in the heart of Eastern Kentucky. Both hospitals provide a wide range of quality medical services that includes most medical and surgical specialties whether outpatient or inpatient depending on the need of the patient. We are professionally associated with multiple major Universities and Medical Centers with highly specialized physicians and medical services available, therefore if the service or specialty you need is not provided locally or you wish to have it provided elsewhere, we have an unlimited source of tertiary care referral contacts available.


Sometimes there becomes a need in life for extended care and/or rehabilitation care. The physicians at K-Clinic are on staff at 2 area Skilled Nursing Facilities where the patient can obtain quality skilled nursing and/or rehabilitation services while staying close to home and receiving continuity of care under the direction and close supervision of the physicians at K-Clinic.